1099 Independent Contractor Management

How do we manage your contractors?

Independent contractors value their independence. However, they also value many of the things that traditional employees do - dialogue, quick access to paychecks and continued support.

At VendorPass, we understand the unique dynamics of being a 1099 independent contractor, and this understanding is reflected in our proven IC management approach.

We keep the lines of communication open.

The process for verifying and qualifying 1099 independent contractors is complex. We walk each contractor through the process, from verification to analysis to approval, and keep them informed of our progress and any potential issues.

We also provide ongoing compliance support to protect them from losing wages or exposing them to re-classification.

Advance payment options.

After we classify and vet your contractors, you can select an advance pay option to expedite their first payment. Doing so can strengthen your relationship with your independent contractors by demonstrating that you value their contributions.

How to qualify as an independent contractor.

If you have a resource that you think can qualify as an independent contractor, or if you are interested in becoming one yourself, contact VendorPass today for an assessment.

To learn more about how we can manage your 1099 independent contractors, contact us today.

Featured Case Study

In an effort to cut costs, this client turned to VendorPass to process and manage its W-2 and Independent Contractor population. The client serves an extensive network of customers across the country, making it essential for the on-boarding and transition processes to move efficiently and seamlessly while maintaining daily operations without disruption.