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Frequently Asked Questions

Following onboarding, you should have received an email and possibly a phone call from your representative. If you're unsure, please email resi.raes@vendorpass.com.
For current consultants, in the Employee Self Service (ESS) through the MyInfo site. If you have difficulty accessing the ESS or logging in, or you're a former consultant, please contact your consultant services representative.
Please contact your consultant services representative so that they can work with payroll to send you your paycheck.
Please contact your consultant services representative to find out.
Your T4 and other tax slips are mailed to your home address by payroll. If you need an additional copy, whether you're a current or past employee, contact your representative, resi.raes@vendorpass.com.
Your employer, payer, or administrator prepares slips. You should have received most of your slips and receipts by the end of February. However, T3 and T5013 slips are not required to be sent before the end of March.

If you have not received, or have lost or misplaced a slip for the current year, please reach out to your employer, or the issuer of the slip, for a copy.
Timesheet submittal instructions are included in your "First Day Details" email prior to your start date. If you're already working and need instructions, please contact your consultant services representative.
You can find our privacy policy here.
Prior to your start date, someone from the Onboarding Central Team will contact you to help you complete your documents. If you have any questions, please email Christine.Mullen@vendorpass.com.
Your consultant services representative is your advocate for human resource matters. Once you contact them, they'll help you resolve any issue.
Your consultant services representative can get you a new form to change your information.
The contractors we serve are at the heart of what we do. From the moment you’re onboarded, you’ll have a dedicated consultant services representative to help you through the entire lifecycle of your employment. We can act as your back office, handling invoicing, completing administrative paperwork and navigating legalities for you. We're happy to shoulder the costs of background checks and pre-hire screenings. Not to mention, client invoicing is a breeze and payment is guaranteed at standard intervals, rather than when a client invoice is processed.

Our term employees also enjoy similar advantages, with an easy cloud-based onboarding process. Best of all, we constantly work to improve your experience. By hosting quarterly surveys and gathering feedback, we're always evolving to make your consultant experience better and better.