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Welcome to Vendorpass, where you'll find custom, consultative and cost-effective workforce solutions to better manage your contingent workforce. We specialize in employee classification and HR-related onboarding—reducing your risks and saving you time and money.

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Custom Solutions

No solution is one-size-fits-all; they're customized for your unique needs.

Reduced Risks

Classifying workers is difficult, but we make it easy and assume your risks.

Cost Savings

A mix of in-depth solutions and competitive pricing boosts your bottom line.

Make your job easier—and your company more productive—with our workforce management services.

We offer two categories of services: Employer of Record (EOR) and Agency of Record (AOR). As an Employer of Record, we employ your contingent workers, take over HR functions and ensure compliance with all labour laws and regulations. As an Agency of Record, we offer you full indemnification of contingent labour worker misclassification risks and help streamline your entire contingent labour program.

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Supplier management. Provider management. Supplier Rationalization. Whatever you call it, it has the same meaning. As Spend Matters defines it, “… rationalization is about building a supply base that is the best overall fit for your organization.” Now that you have the definition, learn how it impacts your contingent labor management.

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About Vendorpass

Since 2007, we've been a leading provider of term employee, Employer of Record services and independent contractor/consultant Agency of Record services. Think of us as a specialized—but essential—HR department. The best businesses and managed services providers across the U.S. and Canada rely on us for contingent workforce compliance, cost savings and customer service.

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Because of changing laws and regulations, and feedback from companies like yours, we're always enhancing current service offerings and developing new ones. Our Employer of Record and Agency of Record services, along with their specific solutions, cover everything you need for contingent labour management.

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Process is at the heart of what we do. Without a proven and reliable process, some of the many steps in contingent workforce management—from evaluation to classification to compliance—become missteps. Fortunately, the process behind our Independent Contractor Evaluation and Compliance (ICEC) solution is thorough and meticulous.

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Ready to learn more about the complex world of contingent labour? Ready to see how we simplify that complex world? Have some questions? Whether you're in the education stage, evaluation stage or not quite sure, we have informative white papers and case studies, along with a great FAQ section, waiting for you.

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Find what works for your business.

Think about managing your contingent workforce. It can feel like advanced calculus, but with our guidance, it becomes basic math. It really does. We'll get to know you, listen to your issues and form a custom plan that puts you in a position where compliance and cost savings rule.

Let's get started today; we'd love to chat with you!

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