Putting the right talent on your team is your priority. Ensuring they're managed correctly is ours.

The IRS, the federal government and many states are cracking down on worker misclassification, levying fines and legal action on companies who are out of compliance.

While the stakes are already high for your business, the Affordable Care Act is about to make things even tougher. Under the law, companies with 50 full-time employees must offer health coverage to their workers. If you are not classifying your resources correctly and not providing the necessary coverage, you could face a whole new wave of financial penalties and government scrutiny.

How can you build an effective flexible workforce while steering clear of misclassification risks?

VendorPass has the answer.

We are a national leader in payrolling services specializing in: W-2 employer of record services and functions1099 independent contractor validation, billing and agency of record servicestransition and implementation management Our solutions have been proven to ensure compliance, generate cost savings, and empower businesses and Managed Services Providers to add and retain essential talent.

We can keep you protected. We can keep you productive. And we can keep your best talent working for you. That's the VendorPass difference.